“It’s hard for me to express what a difference therapy with Lisa has made to my life. I’ve had many sessions with other therapists in the past, but I found Lisa to be the most instantly warm, understanding and helpful of them all. I now feel as though I have many tools to deal with whatever life throws at me, along with any anxiety that may crop up. I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough for anyone who needs professional help with their mental health, or just someone lovely to talk to.” 30 year old male client

“Thank you again for helping me to process my past which has helped me to understand myself so much better. Its also helped me to understand others, to recognise when they might be in a difficult place and has so improved my own emotional intelligence”. 36 year old female client

“Lisa has helped me at some very challenging and painful times, and I am extremely grateful. She has helped me to work out and better understand why I do the things that I do, why I think the things I think and ask the right questions of myself so I can grow and move forward. Most importantly she has helped me accept myself – albeit a work in progress. We worked together in a professional, supportive but also challenging way and it was that mix of elements that enabled me to have real break throughs. Lisa creates a safe, trusted space for deep work and transformation. I am truly thankful and could not recommend her more highly”. 48 year old female client

“Thank you for everything! Due to your help over the last couple of years I feel I can move forward with my life in a much more positive way”. 35 year old female client